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animateclay replied to the topic 'Can't remember the name of this older claymation short' in the forum. 16 hours 12 minutes ago

Hi Jack, Don Carlson and myself both can't think of what this film was called. YouTube was formed in 2005 so it may be lost to time. The other possibility is that it's in my favorite list on my YouTube channel somewhere here:

I would search through the earliest ones and see if you find it there.Who knows, maybe the creator of that animation will see this post and reply. Until then you may need to do some more searching unfortunately :)


JackQuincey created a new topic ' Can't remember the name of this older claymation short' in the forum. yesterday

I've been trying to find an amateur stop motion short I watched on the old animateclay page from around 2005/2006 I think.
It was a black and white silent film with subtitles and comical music in the background, it was probably 3 to 5 minutes long. It was a dark comedy and started with a father figure opening the fridge to a flickering light bulb. The camera pans by a girl sitting at a kitchen table tapping her fingers impatiently. The father tries to suggest a variety of things to eat to his uninterested daughter. After numerous suggestions he finally stabs her in the head with a spoon and ends up eating her for breakfast. I remember the characters being creepy/ blob like but were also simply made and the armature wire shown through their fingers and such. I can't remember the name of the short but it was something simple like "Breakfast Time" or something like that. Any one have any ideas?


JackQuincey shared 13 photos in the My Movies album yesterday

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Tamarame added a video. 3 days ago

Dancing with an ant | Animation

Lui loves ants and now he gets to teach a huge one how to dance! ✔️Support the channel and subscribe:...

Mr_Force replied to the topic 'Sound' in the forum. 3 days ago

After Effects....... looks like it would work for the Animatic but Adobe has (Adobe Animation CC) and that would be better choice its more like editing software. There is (Storyboarder) [ ] its free or I use (StoryBoard Pro) [ ] it does a good job outputting Animatics as well as the story board thumbnails but its not free in fact the price has gone sky high :( Any animation software or Video editing software can be used to make a Animatic it is just a simple Animation, You will have too find the right software that works best for you and affordable. Good thing is there has never been so many free or Open software out there.

One other peace of software I can mention is OPENTOONZ, 100% free, Open Source Uses X sheets, great tool for Storyboarding and Animatics and Animations in general but It is so

hard to master, its not something just any one can just hop into and get the results they would like to see.


Dirty Red replied to the topic 'Sound' in the forum. 4 days ago

Yes that helped out alot!!! Thank you very much. Wound after effects be a good one?


Dirty Red thanked Mr_Force in topic Sound 4 days ago