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/IMAGINE with Jen Series

The Story:

Jen is a spirited character who lives in an isolated studio with a goal to create and share her stop motion creations with the world. She doesn't really know if she can succeed. What will people think of her when she reveals herself online? Will she fail, or will she go viral? And if she does, will she stay true to herself?  Jen faces the same fears and challenges all artists come up against when they are passionate to tell their own stories.

The shorts will also promote stop motion history in different segments that will happen over the course of the series. She will also interview real stop motion film makers on her retro computer over the internet. Through her personal work she reveals her inner most feelings on different topics as an artist.


Jen lives alone with her jumping spider sidekick Hop. Hop likes to keep the flies in check that annoy her while she works, plus he's good company. She sometimes gets surprise visitors, some good and some downright evil! She'll also share practical tips and tricks. The series is an over-all fun project where the ideas are endless and I hope you - my supporters, will enjoy and relate to her. Jen's catch phrase is “if you can think it, you can make it”!


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/IMAGINE with Jen, floating in a neon pink void.

The Film Series

Starting in Spring of 2023, Marc began building Jen and her stop motion studio into a real world animated series. The first episode will be out sometime later this year and several short stories are already written.


Marc has decided to use Dahlia V. for voice acting, she's really a great actress and already did a recording for the first episode!

Want exclusive updates as things progress? Check out the new Ko-Fi for behind the scenes photos and videos. Supporters will also see videos and photos before anyone else. To go to our Ko-Fi, click here!

Marc will still be releasing all the behind the scenes videos for the project on the YouTube channel two weeks after they are made. You can also ask questions about the project in our Discord that is set up for the project here.

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Real World Chatbot:


I am making Jen into a sophisticated chat bot to help animators on their journeys and you can chat with her right now! What can she do to help? If you want to create a story together, she can help you to do that. Or if you want to just ask her what is in her studio, she will explain what she's been working on. She won't mind if you share your day to day activities, but she does try to stay on the topic of stop motion.


Over time she will be fed more stop motion knowledge so you can ask her for technical help - such as how to make an armature.


The first way to talk to Jen is by visiting her Convai page by clicking here.  This is her more technical version that can help you with technical stop motion questions.


If you have a account, you can talk to a separate instance of Jen by clicking here. Her personality is a lot more fun to talk to and as the name implies, has a lot of character. Let me know your thoughts if you give them a try. I plan to work more on them after the first film is released.

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