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3-D Print Your Own Stop Motion Armature (Free files/Instructions)

A Bend-D's Armature Kit Puppet

If you own a 3-D printer or go to a school/job that owns one, you can print out your own armature to animate. The benefits to printing an armature is that it gives you a sturdy base to build your puppet on top of. 3-D printing parts allow for the addition of hardware such as tie downs to plug in flying rigs and external props and plastic eyes into sockets. We are releasing the very first design of Bend-D's armature kits for free. It has gone through upgrades (even the simple version) in our store. But this version will work almost as well.


Download all printable files
here on Tinkercad. *You must sign in to access the files with a free account.

Needed Supplies:

1X Loctite Quick Set
5 Minute Epoxy (for every 2 armatures)
1X spool of
1/16" wire
1X spool of 1mm wire (for fingers)
2X stainless steel
M-4 hex head machine screw wing nuts for the tie downs
M-4 nuts
2X delrin eye balls 5/16 inch in size, drilled (using a 1mm drill bit and pin vice)

An example of what Bend-D's armatures can do once completed by Joy Stamp

Tools You Need:

- a 3-D printer such as the
Wanhao Duplicator (we recommend printing in PLA)
- a 1/16" drill bit to drill any holes that are too snug for the wire
- wire snips
- needle nosed pliers


Here is a link to the instructional video for these kits.
Click here for a link to print out the basic instructions.

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