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Alba Garcia Dangerously Ever After Part 1

Alba Garcia is known as an ambitious creator whose passion and compassion are second to none. Always telling a story that can change perceptions for the benefit of others or to honor people she knew. In this interview Alba talks about her project called Dangerously Ever After which she, her husband and associates are doing their best to finish. They utilize the latest in technology and are very much cutting edge creators! As of writing this, Alba is almost done with the project. If you'd like to see her page that is filled with videos, photos and updates then click here. They also have a YouTube channel that documents many of their film making creations, including puppetry and live action work.​​​​​​

Image of Puppet Replacement Face from Alba's Time/Space Reflections Film

Alba Garcia sent us this replacement face from her Time/Space Reflections film.​​​​​​

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