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Capture Programs and Apps

Heron Animation (Free Win/Mac/Linux): Heron Animation is a free stop motion animation program that lets you take pictures from a webcam and assembles them into an animation. Heron Animation is simple to use and has a clean and user-friendly interface, which make it perfect for beginners and more experienced animators alike.

Smoovie (for iPad) for Teachers: This software is catered for teachers who use iPads in their classrooms. Works with iTunes and allows recording of audio right within the program itself. Great for foley or voice overs.

Arlo Stop Motion Software: Arlo is a powerful new Stop Motion Program with all the features you need to create great stop motion animations in an easy to use package. It also works with DSLR cameras or webcams.

Dragonframe (Mac/Windows/Linux): One of the most widely used programs in stop motion studios today.

 iKITMovie (Windows XP/Vista PC): Its for non-professional stop motion animators from the age of 10 years old and up. - Allows unlimited voice overs - You do not need to export your movie to other software in order to complete your project - Has a very unique sound engine with over 2,200 sound effects and background music tracks included

 iStopmotion (Mac): iStopMotion is the premier Stop Motion Animation and Time Lapse Capture tool for Mac OS X. We created iStopMotion because we love Stop Motion Animation. When we were kids, we used our father's camera (commemorated in the iStopMotion application icon) to shoot movies with Lego, Playmobil and other toys.

Life Lapse: Our thoughtfully designed camera makes it seamless for you to create professional quality videos from your phone. Tools like the ghost feature, interval timer, custom grids & exposure lock will bring your videos to the next level. Has an editor as well.

Monkey Jam "(Freeware): This is a very good "but old" program to use. You can compile your digital still images in it to make movies. Sites description: "MonkeyJam is a free digital pencil test animation program for Windows. It also has a stop motion mode that can be used to aid in the creation of traditional puppet films."

Stop Motion Pro: Stop Motion Pro is software you can use with your digital camera to record and play back your own clay animation, stop motion or cel animation.

Stop Motion Station (PC): Stop Motion Station turns a PC and compatible image source into a combination of a single frame movie camera and an advanced movie viewer.

Stikbot Studio (Free Android App): Make a stop motion film starring StikBot with this easy animation app! StikBot Studios makes stop motion movie making a snap. Create your video in minutes and share it via social media and email.Your StikBot wants to be a star — create, animate and share! (StikBot sold separately. The app is always free.)

Smotion (Free Browser Based) Mac and PC: I created this app because I wanted a better free/open-source option for creating stop motion animation for MacOS. While looking at my options for how to build it I decided to go further and make it cross platform by having it built on NodeJS and run in a regular web-browser that supports WebRTC web cameras. This means my kids can use it too :-).

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