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Mark Gustafson goes Behind the Scenes

Have you ever watched Fantastic Mr. Fox? If you have, you might be wondering who the people were that worked on it. Or you might ask, who is this Mark guy behind the camera shooting the behind the scenes video? The finished feature was the result of hundreds of people in a major team effort. Marks video sheds light on who it was that the credits mention, but that are always unseen in stop motion films.

Sadly Mark passed away in February 2024, but he left behind his videos which show his sense of humor, wit and his appreciation for who he worked with. Albeit in a humorous way. Mark started out at Will Vinton Productions, working on major features, shorts and television ads, then finally becoming a director of Fantastic Mr. Fox. He also directed Guillermo Del Toro's recent award winning Pinocchio, which was sadly his last project. Here is a photo of the gathering of his friends and colleagues at the Evergreen in Portland Oregon to show their respects. You can see Marks body of work on his IMDB page by clicking here.

a photo of the people who worked with the late Mark Gustafson Memorial at the Evergreen in Portland Oregon
the Evergreen Mark Gustafson Memorial

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