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Fear Of Flying by Conor Finnegan

Conor Finnegan completed this funny short film about Dugal, who faces his fears and pushes the boundaries of his comfort zone. In short, he has to go south for the winter!

The animation was done by Lovely Productions using stop motion and 2-D elements that gave him more control over how the characters could move and emote. Specifically the arms, legs and eye features. If you're a fan of stop motion you may have noticed the style is the basis for a TV show called Becca's Bunch. You can take a look at the last posted episode on it on their official YouTube channel here to see more.

Sadly, Lovely Productions doesn't seem to be around any more. It seems it was partially due to the effects of the Covid pandemic and a high asking price for a new production. I tried to find more information about them, but from a few internet searches not much else turned up. There is no denying they did some great work.

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