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Lee Hardcastle's Dreaming Child

Lee Hardcastle, who boasts 1.39 million subscribers is still releasing new films. Dreaming Child is one of the more tame ones to be released on his channel, which shows a boy in a very strange situation. A situation only a child could have when they dream?

Popular channels like this one by Lee might seem like a moonshot to achieve such success as a stop motion creator. However the most popular channels all follow a tried and true formula that has been around before even the advent of YouTube itself. If you've been around long enough you might recognize the formula on past TV shows like MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch and many Robot Chicken episodes.

What is the formula? The main points are to make something edgy, shocking, violent and most importantly is to use pop culture characters. Lee pushed this formula as far as he could, skyrocketing him to online fame.

What Lee did was to unknowingly create a big controversy by using the famous Japanese clay character Pingu in 2012. However he used him in a violent and shocking mash up. He combined John Carpenters "The Thing" with Pingu, calling it "Pingu's The Thing". HIT Entertainment later had the film removed, then in defiance he re-made it entirely using clay cats. The newly released film was called "Claycat's The Thing". The controversy in itself helped him to grow in fame as media around the world created buzz when John Carpenter himself said he enjoyed the re-make.

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