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Smooth or Un-Smooth Stop Motion. That is the question!

With modern tools, it's possible to make stop motion extra smooth. In the video above, the frame rates were adjusted to add in-between frames to the classic Robocop films. What is interesting is how adding frames changes the entire feel of the animation.

When the original 24 frames per second footage is viewed, it gives an other-worldly and surreal appearance. In the smoothed over footage, the weight and the scale both seem to be affected. That is to say, the added frames make the puppets look like they aren't heavy machines as they move.

The consensus in the comments of the video seem to show that many people agree that the original has a way different feel. One that the animators, such as Phil Tippett expertly imbued into each little move. Their intention comes across through their careful calculations and from experience. As one commentator named @scottfarcus1667 mentioned:

"This is really interesting because it reveals that the lack of smoothness wasn't really the problem. I think it's the lack of mass. Even smooth, they still just seem like plastic models. They just don't look heavy. Like the inertia is off so it doesn't look right. I agree with other comments that the janky original motion seems better sometimes because it masks the mass issue a bit."

I have to agree with them. I think the smooth technique has its place, but it really depends on what you're trying to convey.

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