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Tool Sober Set Revisited

Fred Stuhr was a stop motion film maker, music video and art director. He was born October 3rd, 1967 in Pasadena California. Sadly he died on October 26th, 1997 in a tragic car accident.

In the above video, his friends and colleagues put together a video to showcase the sets and puppets he made for the Tool video Sober. It was posted on the 20th anniversary of his passing to celebrate his influence. The video description goes on to say:

"FRED created the stop animation video to accompany the 1st single released by "Tool" in 1993.

The "Tool Sober" video went viral and propelled the band into Stardom. That video has been viewed over 50 million times since.

One of many projects that Fred worked on in his life time but this creation got much Notoriety with Tool becoming popular.

This was the 1st time the set and puppets came out of hiding and seen the light of day.

Craig Badger the mastermind behind this Session along with Karen, Griffin and Brian.

20 years later, FRED is still inspiring many to be creative in artistic ways."

What would Fred have created if he hadn't passed? Fred's would have definitely altered the stop motion landscape. Luckily there are videos of him creating his videos still out there today. To see many behind the scenes videos with Fred, check out this list of videos from John Sjogren by clicking here. Below is a candid video of Fred working on a video where they created an elevator shaft on its side. Can you guess why?

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